DeafBlind Services

VIIS is proud and honored to have a dedicated program manager for DeafBlind Services. VIIS can provide face to face or remote interpreting services for the DeafBlind community. We can also provide support service provider (SSP) or co-navigator (CN) services.

What is an SSP?

An SSP is a support service provider also known as CN in or co-navigator. They provide access to DeafBlind individuals through guiding and providing visual, environmental, and social information. SSPs or co-navigators allow the DeafBlind person autonomy to make their own decisions. SSPs are not the same as interpreters. Interpreters go back and forth between two different languages SSPs or co-navigators will use the same language as a DeafBlind person. That might be ASL or that might be spoken English. If you’re interested in learning more, send us an email or give us a call.

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