Great Interpreters. Excellent Service. Equal Access.

Who We Are

Vancro Integrated Interpreting Services is a nationwide company led by Deaf interpreters, hearing interpreters, and Deaf people. We are a service-disabled veteran-owned small business that takes pride in being exceptional. Our quality assurance is what allows us to stand out.

The VIIS Logo

The VIIS logo is designed by a Deaf artist named Adam Glazier. The logo is a representation of Vancro’s values as a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned Organization. The stars represent the sacrifices the company’s owners endured. The hand represents American Sign Language, and each of the three stars represent Vancro’s key stakeholders: the Deaf or DeafBlind person using Vancro’s services, the interpreters who provide unparalleled access, and the requesters who look to Vancro to provide equity and access.

Young man smiling and communicating with ASL to mentor another man.

Customer Preference and Best Fit Are Our Guides to Booking Interpreters.

We don’t follow a first reply gets the job approach to hiring interpreters. We follow customer preference. We interview, screen and vet each individual that works with us, assuring that they meet our high standards. We work with interpreters to understand their skill set, matching them with the most appropriate settings, allowing them to do their best work. We play to their strengths in finding the best fit for the job.

Request System

We have unparalleled customer services as well as coordination and scheduling systems that allow for you to request an interpreter 24/7, see a history of your requests, and make direct comments to us.

Remote Interpreting, Compliance, & Training

Along with our in-person provision, we offer remote interpreting that follows the strictest of standards. We adhere to HIPAA compliance and can interpret from any platform you prefer.

Smiling man sitting in a chair by a window using sign language to communicate with another smiling man.
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