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Michael King

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North Carolina – NIC, EIPA

Hello everyone! I am Michael King. Sign name looks like the sign for king but with an “M”. I am from, born and raised and still living in North Carolina. In 2005, I joined the Army and that for 8 years until I was medically retired. Afterwards, I moved back to NC and went to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro (signed “g” in a small circle). I attended the ITP there where I graduated in 2016. Immediately after graduation, I was hired as an Educational Interpreter where I spent 2 years interpreting. I decided to move onto freelance interpreting and have been doing so ever since. I was recently certified August of 2019. Most of my work is in medical, DeafBlind and theater with some work in mental health. Currently, I’m contracted through VIIS and am excited to be partnering with them. Look forward to see you around!

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