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Diane Barkstrom

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New York – CI, CT

Hello hello! My name is Diane Barkstrom. I’ve been a certified interpreter for a very long time. I won’t tell you how long because if I do you’ll figure out my age! Lol Just joking! In the past I have worked at an Independent Living Center (NY) and I did community work at the same time. Now, I’m doing full-time community work that I throughly enjoy such as; the variety of the Deaf community members, experiences and agencies such as businesses, agencies, medical, etc.. it’s been wonderful! For nearly a year now I’ve been working with Vancro. I really appreciate their support of the Deaf and Interpreter Communities. Vancro is a wonderful agency! Hopefully in the future we can work together. I will look forward to it. I will see you around and thank you for your time. Bye now!

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