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Bobbi Gravier

Credentials, Bio


Michigan –  TC

Hi, my name is Bobbi Gravier. I have been an active member and certified interpreter with RID since 1984. As a CODA, my mom was the one who encouraged me to become certifided and I’m forever grateful she did! I have been honored to travel in the states and abroad on many trips for the deaf and hard of hearing. I grew up mostly in the Grand Rapids, MI area. As an adult I moved away to Arkansas and Nevada and each time moved back to Michigan. When I was in Sparks, NV, I came to work for Vancro as an interpreter and then as a Program Manager. I am deeply grateful I can still work for Vancro from home. My husband and I live in the Grand Haven, MI, community and love it! It’s a tourist hotspot so there is always something going on in our lovely Lake Michigan shores. We love to walk and bike everywhere! I’m a blessed Grama of 5 beautiful granddaughters and Great Grama to 3 amazing little ones. My motto is to live every day with an Attitude of Gratitude! 

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