What to do if a deaf or hard of hearing client contacts your business or organization and requests American Sign Language interpreting services:

Let them know you are more than happy to set up the appointment. It can take up to 2 weeks to secure a qualified interpreter, so if it is a non-urgent matter, try to schedule the appointment at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

Does the deaf or hard of hearing person want to come into the office or do they prefer to have a virtual appointment? Here at Vancro, we offer both options.

Now that you know the appointment basics, you can start requesting interpreters. At Vancro, we honor local interpreter rates, to include any initial fees (minimums), mileage, etc. After receiving your request, we will get back to you within 24 hours with a price quote. 

FAQs for Businesses

I've never hired a sign language interpreter before, what do I do? 

You are welcome to submit a request here. Someone will be in touch within 24 hours about your interpreting needs. You are also welcome to request a quote for interpreting services here. We will be happy to walk you through the process step by step. Vancro prides ourself on our exceptional customer service. 

Am I required to provide an interpreter?   

If you are an organization such as a hospital, educational institution, state or federal agency, places of public accommodation (hotels, convention centers, entertainment venues, and other public gatherings), you are legally required to hire an interpreter. Check out Title II and Title III of the ADA for more information.

Can I request a specific/preferred interpreter?

Yes! Please let us know if the Deaf or hard of hearing client has an interpreter preference and we will do our best to schedule that interpreter for the appointment.

Do interpreters follow a Code of Ethics? Do they have to keep information Confidential?

Yes, interpreters are ethically bound to follow the Registry of Interpreter's for the Deaf (RID) Code of Professional Conduct and keep all communications and information confidential.

Where can I get clear masks or clear face shields so the office staff is ready to accommodate people with hearing loss?

Please note that Vancro does not endorse any specific brand of clear masks or face shields, here is a list of resources below:


What is a Certified Deaf Interpreter (CDI) or Deaf Interpreter (DI)?

A CDI is a Deaf/Hard of Hearing individual with specialized training and is credentialed to work with other Deaf people that have Minimal Language Skills or minimal ASL skills (may be fluent in a foreign sign language.) A CDI or DI works as a team with a hearing ASL Interpreter.

What is tactile interpreting?

Tactile interpreting is for individuals that are DeafBlind. The DeafBlind consumer will communicate by using a hand over hand technique to feel the interpreter signing. Additionally, there is the protactile method which allows the DeafBlind consumers more reliable information about the visual elements of their environment (people smiling/nodding). Protactile allows people to establish tactile communication channels in different ways.

What is haptic communication?

Haptic communication is method of communicating visual and environmental information via signals. This happens simultaneously to ASL interpreting typically for DeafBlind consumers, but can be used in other settings as well. Haptic communication is not a language, but rather a way of communicating environmental information that sighted people would have access to (facial expressions, who is in the room, people talking, people texting, etc.)


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