VIIS has interpreting opportunities across the country with each Designated Interpreting Team serving it’s own unique purpose whether it be supporting Deaf professionals at their workplace, supporting patients at a hospital, or students at a university. If you are interested in joining a team, use this link to see what teams might be right for you!


Vancro has opportunities for interpreters across the country working on a variety of contracts. Click here to search for opportunities.

Requirements for Interpreters

First and foremost, VIIS interpreters are expected to uphold the RID Code of Professional Conduct. VIIS encourages interpreters to be the best professionals they can be and supports them and their work by providing resources and continuing education opportunities to maintain certification and to grow as an interpreter. Vancro also requires their interpreters to follow our company policy on professionalism in the workplace.


Although possession of current RID certification is required to work on most of our contracts, as interpreters we know that certification does not always equate to being qualified. Additionally, Interpreting is a practice profession where an interpreter’s skills may not be as apparent on paper. For this reason, VIIS interviews every interpreter. As working professionals, we know what questions to ask to vet our interpreters appropriately. This screening is required for every interpreter before offering them a spot on the Vancro Interpreting Roster.

Continuing Education

All VIIS interpreters uphold the tenants and spirit of the RID Code of Professional Conduct. VIIS supports our interpreters in maintaining their certification. VIIS offers complimentary in-house workshops and other educational opportunities for professional growth as part of being a part of our company.


VIIS fully supports interpreter development in all ways! We strive to find opportunities for one-on-one, peer, and group mentorships.

Interpreting Services

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